Strictly My Views Part 9

Back at Strictly Towers we have another night of dance to behold. First onto the floor was Kellie dancing a Salsa, and whilst I agree she did a reasonable job, she didnt quite have the style to my liking. The judges however seemed to like it, and I feel this is where they influence the public by their comments.

English: Tango show in Buenos Aires Español: E...
English: Tango show in Buenos Aires Español: Espectáculo de Tango show in Buenos Aires Português: Apresentação de Tango em Buenos Aires (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Katie danced the Argentine Tango, and it shows how you can be lucky on the night, this was a perfect dance, for her and her legs. The outfit was awesome and I think, she did a great job.

Helen dancing the Vienesse Waltz was a great dance for her, her style suited the dance and she acted it perfectly.

Jay was up for the Tango, and again technically he danced it well, but it lacked a style, and staccato for me.

Peter danced American Smooth and just did not appear to have the confidence to carry this dance. It is a dance for strutting and saying look at me. SInce his dance off last week he looks deflated and off form.

Anita danced Rumba, but it didnt have the classic soft form that you might expect, of course with lifts it was going to be scored down, and when Anita came through from the floor, she had the age old problem of her legs being turned out, and looking not very feminine, however it was OK.

Georgia danced Paso, and again I disagreed with the judges, she was pretty damn good

The Quickstepathon was busy, and clearly favoured the female dancers as the males have no experience of leading in such an environment.

On the night, I would probably plump for Kellie and Pete to be in the dance off with Pete going home.

Strictly My Views Part 8

Dancing the Lindy hop in Atascadero, Californi...
Dancing the Lindy hop in Atascadero, California, USA (2005). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is it me? What has happened to Strictly this year, so many people I know who are stalwarts of supporting. Are finding some crucial element lacking and none are quite able to put their finger on it. Halloween was an indicator that just wasnt quite there, now we have the Blackpool Special, another favourite in the Strictly calendar. It kicked off with a group dance. Group dances are amazing and make you gasp. This one was all about rejecting a meal at a restaurant and it was awful. The theme of the dance was lindy hop, and to be honest it did not match up to the standards the dancers usually set. As usual an impressive ballroom and sets.

The dancing proper kicked off with Jay and Aliona dancing the salsa, and whilst he had a sexy partner, it was again lacking in some quality I could not put a finger on. Good job but not for me.

Then, the dreaded Jamelia and Tristan dancing the quickstep. I will concede she has made massive improvements, but lacks way behind the rest of the pack. Dance off for sure for me.

Anita and Gleb were dancing the Paso. What an amazing job she did. Again, technically correct but just too perfect. Very strong dancing, and a shameless plug by Gleb to go six pack out. No body likes a show off, though Im sure, every female enjoyed it.

Katie and Anton had the American Smooth, and sadly, much as I love her to bits, it wasnt that great for me. I can see her in the dance off with Jamelia. Though I still love her to bits, I think she will pip Jamelia and win the dance off.

Peter’s Jive left much to be desired and to be fair, the Blackpool Tower is the worst room you want when you have to fill it with a Jive. That is some energy to keep going to make that look good. I dont feel he captured the dance style well enough for me.

Team GG danced the vienesse waltz. Which was excellent. But correct me if Im wrong. I felt sure that lifts were not allowed in this dance. She did a few. I know the tower is a different setting, but dont set rules for the show and then break them for entertainment. It is confusing and unwanted.

Helen danced the charleston. Here we have to say her moves were technically correct, but were too perfect for the dance style. A bit of carefree goes a long way in this dance.

Lastly Kellie danced the quickstep, which on the night, for me was the best dance. It didnt score the highest. The music, good old Dollie 9 – 5 was good and the energy of the dance was awesome. Kellie to win.

So it feels like all I am doing is complaining about everything, on a show that I love to bits. What is happening. I would be most interested to hear how you are finding it. Are you enjoying it as much as previous years?

Strictly My Views Part 7

Before we start, we must first express our sadness at the events over Friday, and the devastation left in its wake. Too complex to begin to fathom the whys or where fors. But let us hope that the bereaved find peace soon. It does show an irony to the Friday the 13th. That date being called unlucky due to the round up of the knights templar many years ago.

And so onto the Strictly Night of Dance, the prelude to Blackpool.

We kicked off with Anita and Gleb dancing the Quickstep. A really good effort absolutely packed with content and talent. I enjoyed this dance immenseley and felt they did it justice.

Jay and Aliona danced the foxtrot. Did I mention how gorgeous Aliona is? Anyway, this was a simply perfect foxtrot right up to the time he tripped near the end. I felt he was in line for 10’s across the board to that point. Such a shame, He had made an effort to express emotion through his face, yet you can still see that he works so hard on perfection, the dance can be called clinical. Does that make sense. Almost too good.

Jamelia and Tristan into the samba. Once again, I have to say I dont like Jamelia. I think her performance will put her into the dance off with Jeremy. There was nothing of note in this dance for me. Sadly!

Helen and Aljaz tango. I discussed today, with my dad, that I felt they were not good enough for the final three, but this was a great dance. Although, I did not enjoy the music on this one.

Katie and Anton danced a rumba. Now, I feel slightly effeminate here in saying, she had a beautiful dress with an amazing colour in the backline. I know I shall take a ribbing from my workmates for that. She danced really well and Anton choreographed really well.

Kellie and Kevin were on a samba to some really funky music which for me did not work. The dancing was good, but the music was not in keeping. She had some great hip action and an amazing tummy. Good work Kellie.

Peter and Janette were dancing the vienesse waltz. He did a great job, but he just doesnt carry the subtleties of the dance well.

Team GG danced my favourite the charleston. Simply amazing job. She threw herself into the lifts and the pace and range of her steps was phenomenal. I note with interest that anyone dancing this dance scores higher typically. Perhaps because it is as fun dance.

Lastly we had Jeremy dancing the quickstep. He is clearly improving week on week, but he needs to be in the dance off, with Jamelia being the loser.

I feel the final three will be Team GG, Kellie and Kevin, and Anita and Gleb, With I think, now at this stage Kellie and Kevin winning. On a final note for today, the marvellous Im a Celebrity starts tonight. I love that show just as much, so happy days.

Strictly My Views Part 6

I am writing this after the result show on Remembrance Sunday, so it seems fitting to begin with my own reflection on the day. We cannot force the new generation to do as we do, however, if they see our emotion and feelings about the day and how important it is to us, they will understand. I fear the real feelings are getting less as the years go on, and yet a lot of people claim to be outraged at the way we deal with things now, not actually really knowing what we are doing. I bet, were we to stop and ask them why, very few would know. I have stories etched into my brain from veterans telling their own stories. Tragic and unmentionable.

English: Enfield War Memorial after Remembranc...
English: Enfield War Memorial after Remembrance Sunday Enfield War Memorial taken shortly after Remembrance Sunday. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The show once again was a great show, with some great dances.

Peter was dancing the charleston, as you may recall, my favourite dance, and what a spectacular effort he gave. Fortunately the style of the dance really suited him together with a magnificent effort, he thoroughly deserved the scores he got.

Jamelia danced the viennese waltz, and it is just something about her personality I didnt really like anything about her. True she has improved week on week, but her attitude stinks. I would have liked to see her in the dance off.

Carol’s american smooth was so wooden and laboured it was painful to watch. She is a lovely person and has such a warm personality, it was a shame to see her in the dance off, however, she struggles to act sexy, even if she is or isnt.

Helen’s rumba, was I have to say quite delightful, she danced very well, looked the part and interacted with Aljaz really well. her outfit wasnt too special, but she filled it well.

Jay got the first argentine tango, and I thought Aliona played her part really well, sexy dress, great music and moody lighting. It needed a superhuman effort from Jay and I believed he delivered. Some of the judges felt he could have put more content into the dance, But I thought he was perfect in his efforts.

Katie with a quickstep, looking as gorgeous as ever. Now the quickstep is exactly what it says on the tin. I wonder why they do not practice recovering losing a step in this dance, as it is a disaster if you miss a step, which she clearly did.

Anita danced a jive this week, and as usual did a smashing job. Impressive move where Gleb jumped into her bringing her down to the floor. Really impressive. All round nice performance.

Kellie danced the waltz, and in no way deserved to be in the dance off. This is where TV does my nogging in, there is no way the judges would have put her there, and she has amazing public support so it is extremely doubtful that she would have been in the dance off, yet it makes good tv, I dont know where, but apparently it does. Disgraceful,!

Jeremy and his tango was terrible, yet he gets positive comments from the judges and the public love him but he really deserved to be in the dance off.

Georgia did a lovely samba, and smashed it on the night, great dress accentuated the dance and she went full tilt into the moves. A great performance.

In the results show the main dance was great and the Glen Miller music was top drawer. So it was ridiculous to see Kellie in the dance off, and she was always going to win that so, with regret Carol, you are fired! Thanks for the smiles. Who was your favourite on the night.

Strictly My Views Part 5

The best dance night of the year has to be strictly come dancing Halloween Special. Everything about it is just special, To the build up with Takes Two, about the costumes and music and make up. All the team get involved and I think that is why it is such a big success.

Cover of "Groundhog Day/Ghostbusters/Stri...
Cover of Groundhog Day/Ghostbusters/Stripes

First out the gate was the sexy Katie Derham, looking as awesome as ever, doing the Paso with Anton to the Phatom of the Opera. I happened to think it was ok, but the judges ripped it apart which is a shame. I wouldnt consider it a bad dance, certainly not bad enough for the dance off, but she isnt as popular as some.

Kirsty and Brendan dancing a Charleston. It was one of the worst I have ever seen, and I happen to like Kirsty. She was clearly upset at the missed grip which threw her out for the rest of the dance. Perhaps this was bad enough to hit the dance off.

The Salsa and Jeremy and Karen was to Thriller, Now Jeremy is rubbish for sure, The sad thing is that the competition is not about the dancing, it is about popularity and that means he can easily avoid the dance off.

Anita and Gleb danced the Waltz. Really they are slick and polished, However, I think I have mentioned before the passion and intensity seems to be lacking. It is great to watch, but would you watch them over Kellie for instance, probably not. The judges loved them, but I felt there was plenty of gapping, That is where they should be stuck together from the hip up.

Jamelia and Tristan dancing the Jive is just wrong, for me it looked ugly, just nothing to make it stand out from the rest. It needed to be scored far lower. Its a no from me.

Jay and Aliona dancing the American Smooth. Aliona looked gorgeous, and Jay looked amazing with his make up. Not a bad dance either. First lifts for him, and he made great work of lifting her apparently effortlessly.

Kellie and Kevin danced the Paso. Kevin has magnificent choreography and his paso is always amazing. The table, as Len said did detract from what they could achieve. All in all a good standard, but not as I had hoped.

Carole and Pasha were never going to make a good job of the rumba. Make up was good and that was about as good as we good say over this performance. Again she is very popular, but she has to go.

Team GG danced the Tango, and much as I would not pick them, they were easily the best performance tonight. Ghostbusters, what a chance to let go and dance.

Peter and Janette danced Foxtrot. This didnt work for me at all. Sadly Peter, not your best performance.

Helen and Aljaz dancing the Samba, and contrary to the judges, I enjoyed her hips but, even though it seemed ok, she was slightly clinical. I think she sums it up perfectly when she says she feels British is the latin. Nice job though.

I thought Claudia and Tess looked good, but in all, this was not a spooktacular night such as we expected. I think the dance of should be Carole and Jeremy. I expect it will be Carole and Kirsty. What do you think?

Strictly My Views Part 4

Here we go again in reverse order. Apologies for my delay, have been in London and ripping out a kitchen, amongst falling asleep.

English: Ainsley Harriott at Taste of London, ...
English: Ainsley Harriott at Taste of London, June 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kellie and Kevin performed the Jive and this couple, have an absolutely amazing capacity for synching with each other as far as timing goes. The very fact that they are mirroring so well in time, negates any errors that may creep in, however you would have to look really hard for the errors.

Jay and Aliona performed the Paso. A great dance, and such a strong dance, very masculine. I find it ironic that everyone who says dancing is for the girls or not manly, has definitely not tried it. The latin is really hard work and the ballroom requires a level of finesse. You have to be a man to lead a lady of the calibre on strictly or you just look rubbish. Anyway, I did not consider this as good as the judges.

Helen and Aljaz danced the Quick Step unless I am very much mistaken, and what a cracking pace they set. So much choreography to learn, and getting the timing right is so difficult, just look at Jay last week.

Jeremy and Karen danced the Waltz, and whilst he grows on me as a person, his dancing isnt great. I find it very wooden and boxy. But, fair play to him to get up and perform in front of millions. That is a brave thing to do and some of those latin dances really put you under pressure, in terms of comfort.

Katie and Anton were on Salsa. Whilst it wasnt the best salsa I have ever seen, the fact that she is so blooming gorgeous, I forgive her, all her sins in the dance. I do not consider she is up to the calibre of the other girls, Helen Georgie and Kellie. Which is a real shame. We need to see more of her and for Anton to win, that would be pleasing to the public.

Jamelia and Tristan dancing Foxtrot, was not a great view, as you know I really am not in favour of her dancing, and she just cannot do ballroom. I appreciate that she gets emotional and tries her best but would like to see her out.

Ainsley and Natalie, Jive, now Ainsley did look good, he made it his own, which is not strictly the idea. But there were far worse dancers than him. Such a shame to see him out before Jeremy, Tristan and Carol. Aside from which, we lose Natalie from the show.

Kirsty and Brendan Viennese Waltz, what a transformation, she made. Really good effort. Although she doesnt wear the dresses well, I think she would accept that point too. Really good though this week, well done.

Peter and Janette Rumba. He did a great job, still doesnt present the full deal for me. But being a kung fu dude, of course he gets my support. The rumba, is so difficult because of the slow speed. Everything is magnified.. Good job Blue Peter.

Anita and Gleb Tango. What a cracking performance this was. It was flawless from my view. I enjoyed all elements of this.

Carol and Pasha Viennese Waltz, a much better effort this week Carol, we love ya! great improvement week on week, but methinks you will be found out in the latin.

Georgia and Giovanni dancing the saucy Salsa. She looks so sexy but unfortunately, comes across quite wooden. Her dancing is of a very high standard but seems too clinical, it just doesnt have character for me.

All in all a great night, big shame to lose Ainsley. Really looking forward to Halloween night, What are your thoughts on the weeks dances.

Strictly My views Part 3

Strictly My Views Part 3

Another great week, Anita and Gleb kicked off the show dancing the Samba. Samba is a bitch funky of a dance, looks easy but technically, it is very tricky for new players to the game. Personally I felt it started really well but went a bit flat in the middle whilst ending on a high. They scored 27.

Daniel and Kristina, danced the American Smooth. He is as interesting as a lump of lead, where dance is concerned. I think this dance suited him best out of all the ones he has done, but seriously he needs to be in the dance off, scored 23.

Kirsty and Brendan, danced the Paso. I felt she did a good job and really getting into the dance, overall I felt she deserved more than 21.

Team G G on the Quickstep. Always a tough dance, but they were really really good. She carried a very relaxed smile for me, good speed and energy. Worth more than 31 I felt.

Jeremy and Karen Jive, another tough dance, and again the public are going to like him but it was too slow and flat. Should have been less than 20. In the dance off for me.

Kellie and Kevin Foxtrot. Hard dance, but again they were so in synch, it was beautiful, a great story, well told and I felt like we were part of it. More than 32 for me.

Jamelia and Tristan Charleston. My favourite dance, by my most disliked dancer. She did a good job with this. It clearly suited her, good effort 32.

Jay and Aliona Quickstep. He was clearly leading his dancer though he had many mistakes and not his best night 25.

Carole and Pasha did a great job on Paso, she held a smile away from her face and did well 22.

Ainsley and Natalie Waltz, a good dance, well done 26.

Helen and Aljaz Salsa, she looked great, did some good lifts with a lovely job 32.

Katie and Anton Viennese Waltz, is so difficult, yet simple, totally amazing. Anton, you are the King of Ballroom. Fantastic turn sequence and I felt not quite a good top line in her neck for me. She did keep the hand light on Anton’s shoulder. 33 top marks.

So I feel that Daniel should be gone, what do you think?

Strictly My Views Part 2

Strictly Come Dancing Movie Week

Another fantastic production from the Strictly team. Quality family entertainment. Absolutely loving it. So this time, I am going to work in what is my reverse order, slightly different from the judges. My worst and tipped for the dance off is Carol and Pasha dancing the quickstep. For me it lacked everything, and sadly it is time to see her run come to an end, which is disappointing for the mighty Pasha.

Now my Next offer for the dance off is Daniel and Kristina, now I know he is very popular with a certain generation of ladies but come on. That was absolutely horrendous and he had no similarity to John Travolta what so ever, no matter how hard he tried.

English: John Travolta Français : John Travolta
English: John Travolta Français : John Travolta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next for me was Anthony and Oti and their Paso Doble, Call me Mr Misery but his arm injury is beginning to show, surely it would have been better to leave him out and put somebody else in. He is giving it some, which is what we all want to see, but for me, get the arm sorted and get back to boxing the living daylights out of people.

Jamelia and Tristan, you may have noticed from last time that I am not a fan of hers at all, and this week she did nothing to lift my opinion of her, however, the others just performed far worse on the night. Salsa was not the mood for me.

Jeremy and Karen, ruined my favourite dance, being the Charleston. Jeremy you just have no sense of timing or musicality. Im certain I couldnt do any better but Im the public and can have an opinion.

Ainsley and Natalie had a fall from grace on this one. I think they both tried far too hard to get the mannerisms of a penguin and lost the soul of the dance. They both looked great and certainly were great performances, but in terms of a dance. No.

Kirsty and Brendan, looked amazing in their outfits dancing the American Smooth. The wardrobe malfunction certainly did for her confidence. However much she likes being a tomboy, she looks the part of a beautiful lady and should give it more oomph. If she signed for the show, she must have been prepared to girl up.

Next for me, and you will be surprised was Peter and Janette dancing the Paso Doble. Both looked good, This week, his feet flat to the floor, which I mentioned previously made him look rather stompy. Darcey summed it up by saying you should be stalking the floor. And I would say he never made the shapes either, because he was trying so hard with the attitude.

The comes the beautiful Katie and Anton Cha Cha Cha Darrrling. Well she looked amazing, further spent plenty of time on her own, and did not look out of place. Ok the choreography wasnt the best, but she danced the life out of it.

Who next, Georgia and Giovanni Rumba, how hard is that dance, they made it look great. Week three bear in mind. She looked older than the 13 that she normally looks and I think it was a tough ask done very very well. Well done both of you.

Helen and Aljaz Foxtrot heaven. Very good job, these guys really did do so well matching a dance to each person’s character and the music piece from the movie. I liked this solid performance.

Anita and Gleb danced American smooth and very well, and very sexy I might add. Really nice job.

Then, Kellie and Kevin dancing Charleston to Star Wars. They had great moves and were in synch, delivering the steps that Craig likes, I knew this was good, on the night, right up there for me.

But what can we say about the winners on the night Jay and Aliona dancing Jive. Iv watched it back many times now, he really doesnt put a foot wrong. He is on the beat and looked like a pro. Even the spins, he was spotting his turns like a pro. Absolutely fantastic job and this guy is going to do so well, Very well done.

Jay and Aliona Jive – Move WeekThe star of Movie Week! We just had to watch this again – Jay and Aliona’s 5 star Pulp Fiction inspired Jive! #Strictly

Posted by BBC Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday, October 10, 2015

Strictly My Views Part 1

Strictly My Views Part 1

Tonight was the first vote of Strictly Come Dancing 2015, and what follows below is my view of what happened. Did I mention I love Strictly Come Dancing.

Português: Claudia Winkleman, apresentadora de...


Let us first talk about what a great production the whole show is. Absolute quality. The music from The Dave Arch Band is simply brilliant, consider how much music they have to practise each week and you come to understand the job they actually do. The singers don’t do a bad job either although, personally I feel the male singers are better than the females and they should all stay away from the high notes.

Then our hosts Claudia Winkleman who is simply enchanting in her job, and an absolute delight. Tess Daly, looks a little wooden in the main floor, but comes into her own at the judges desk where she is much more personal and easy. And then we have the judges themselves, Craig, Len, Bruno and Darcey. All great in their respective areas.

Onto the show, we kicked off with Jamelia and Tristan dancing the Cha Cha. Personally I felt Jamelia was trying too hard to be sexy, and the dance didnt go too well for me. Then we Daniel and Kristina dancing the Charleston. I think he did a good job, it is a really hard job to do, keeping the tempo and at his age, he did a really good job. Then came Kirsty and Brendan – Salsa. Go Kirsty, really looking sexy and great lifts after the first week. She did really well and Brendan great choreography. Jay and Aliona dancing the Waltz. Aliona is one of my favourites and he did such a wonderful job and that must have been a big deal cutting his hair after such a long while. Iwan and Ola Cha Cha, Of course Ola looked good and Iwan tried to do the chest out routine, But as the judges said, he was trying way to hard. Team GG waltz, beautiful and cracking routine. Ainsley and Natalie did a Salsa. Natalie is beautiful and graceful, love watching her but Ainsley pulled it off brilliantly. He did marvellous. Carole and Pasha did a foxtrot. And it was a great improvement on last week. I understand you are good at Ballroom or latin, so it was clearly hard lines to be given latin on the first week. But to win you have to be good at everything. Kellie and Kevin Cha Cha. Kevin is a great dancer and choreographer and Kellie is quite good at the dancing. One to watch. Anthony and Oti danced the waltz, he is a likable fellow and he did very well indeed. Anita and Gleb danced the charleston. I love the charleston. It is a cheeky, happy and lively dance, I just wish I could do it. Anyway, I think she did a top job. For me one of the better dances on the night. Jeremy and Karen American smooth, not a great job. On the night the worst for me. Katie and Anton tango. The tango is such a great passionate dance. I feel Katie is extremely beautiful and elegant, and this dance suited her to a t, and it was amazing to see Anton get to flex his ballroom muscles. As a nation we love Anton and we want to, no need to, see him do well. Peter and Janette dancing the quick step, A fantastic job. Now I happen to know Peter does wing chun kung fu, and this martial art tends to sink your weight down into the ground, making it very hard to get light in the feet to dance. This in no way means he is a bad dancer, just that if you understand this fact and watch the feet, you will see he is not quite in the position dictated, but his replication is superb, as I would expect. Then lastly Helen and Aljaz danced the cha cha. She is quite beautiful, and it was a great effort.

So my favourite on the night was Peter, followed by Katie. I think the dance off should be Jamelia and Jeremy with Jeremy probably, on balance, being the first to go.

Im really interested in your comments, so please do comment on what you thought was good bad or indifferent and lets see what we all think, and how that will compare to the Sunday night vote.

Diary of Dad 1

Diary of Daddiary of dad

Slight change of tactic. I have created a new set of blogs to keep my personal journey separate to other parts that I may write about, I will leave what I have done well alone, but I feel that I am onto something now and it will, hopefully be useful.

Although, I haven’t been blogging, I have been exercising, but for me I can’t get to BMF anymore, due to some changes. Out of necessity I have joined a gym. I am now going in swimming for half hour before work and exercising on a bike and rowing machine in the evening.

Today I did ten lengths, less than in previous weeks, but the plan was two slow, by two fast and repeat. I was exhausted. This process of raising the heart rate and getting it back down again is supposed to be highly beneficial. In the evening, I cycled for 20 minutes with a three slow and one minute fast for the time. I covered six km which isnt much but it is a first stab, on the rowing machine, I was concentrating on getting the technique right and about half way through 15 minutes, it appeared to fall into place, I covered 2700 m. My body feels proper tired right now.

Yesterday, was a good day with my lads, really nice card and it made me emotional again. Silly old sod, I am so lucky with them. Great sons and friends. I am out for dinner tomorrow night, for breakfast this morning I had a banana, lunch was a pasta salad and scotch egg (oops) and tea was chicken risotto.

Back to my miracle morning, I am going to put my news scores down, and I definitely feel there is an improvement:

Fitness, previous 29 and I reckon Im a 35
Diet, previous 15, now 16
Happiness, previous 35, now 39
Well Being, previous 60, now 63
Strength, previous 55, now 55
Technology Dependance, 15, now 25
Sleep, previous 25, now 75
Hydration, previous 35, now 50
Spirituality, previous 39, now 45

Now then, you can see an improvement in a few weeks, it is really working, in particular in the area of my sleep. I am sleeping like a baby. I am so tired now, yet it is easy to get up in the morning. I definitely recommend getting yourself a copy of the miracle morning, by Hal Elrod. it is making a difference for both Jack and I.